Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Naked Eye

Apparently I should photograph kids...

Aidan in a rare still moment:

Amaris (my niece) and her crown:

Amaris (my niece) being a ham:

My niece and nephew:

and bowling wine induced:

James being dainty;

Monday, February 23, 2009


Aidan said this yesterday. I literally fell on the floor. I was taking his tray from his highchair (because he was eating something messy and i'm a neatfreak) and he didnt like that. So he said; 'no'. He knew what he said and probably wont say it for a long time if ever... but I heard it and I hugged him.

I've developed a whole 3 rolls in the past week. I'm almost addicted to it... well that's not a good term to use. Most neighbors would probably think i'm running a meth lab by now.. I'm glad i live in a progressive comminity where no one cares what anyone else is doing unless it includes themselves.... mm fixer.

I have 3 rolls to develop. I'll do one tomorrow and two on Thursday. Yeah..... and I hope Scotland is on one of them...

Boston in less than a week. Wicked awesome.

Aidan listening to Tool:

Her father died that morning (she's become a good friend):

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Fragile..........

I feel like i'm a fair person until, as most people, when their emotions get the best of them.....

I dont feel like this was an insult at all but this afternoon I was checking out of a grocery store (I live in a city of close to 2 million for the record) when my 3 1/2 year old son and I approached. I'm not sensitive about him (he has fragile x syndrome/autism). I am a fairly logical person when it comes to this.


He waved "Bye" to her as she was ringing up the purchase. he pointed to his drink. I asked him to tell me what he wanted (in sign language because he cannot speak). He signed to me 'drink' and 'please' She said; "What is wrong with him?" Not in a concerning but a condecending manner. It's hard to react to this except to explain in a calm tone in a short amount of if she cared at all.

I'm a very opinionated person, yet calm so it was difficult for me to use logic instead of emotion in this regaurd.

I just felt as if there wasnt a point. I dont really know how I automatically came to this conclusion but I did.

I did cry when I was putting him in his car seat realizing the shit i'm going to have to deal with for the rest of his life. But when he wiped my tears from my face and waved "bye" to them as he smiled I forgot everything and hugged him.