Sunday, August 9, 2009

West Coast Adventure

I'm currently in Vancouver, BC. I've been on the west coast for about a week now. I arrived in Seattle last Sunday night then off to the Northwest coast of Washington for Shi Shi Beach for a couple of days. We arrived after some delays around 5:30. After hiking for an hour and finally figuring out where we were supposed to be we sat up camp about 8pm. Camping for 2 days there was amazing... except we never saw the sun, unfortunately but it was still an amazing site to see.

Then off to Portland. 3 shoots later, the Columbia River Gorge, mud, sand, dirt, frigid waterfalls, and people always gawking, along with a Guinness and some wine Portland was a success. I really love Washington and Oregon a lot, i'd venture to say they are my favorite states so far... but alas must move onto Vancouver.

A relaxing day ahead then two shoots then home to my little guy on Thursday. Ah how I miss him and his kisses.

This trip, aside from the lack of sun, has been amazing. I got to see and show the best parts of these two states and of course do what I love to do, model and photograph.

Oh and thanks Nicole for the thermos of wine at the airport. You're alright.

This is an image taken by a shitty POS in a cave overlooking tiny tidepools and a couple examples of the wonderful Point of the Arches;

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost World

I'm currently receiving kisses from my baby love (Aidan)... i'm going to miss him. I wont see him for two weeks.

The bright side is i'm finished packing for Shi Shi Beach/Portland/Vancouver all in 11 days. I'm so excited I havent been here in nearly a year yet I havent shut up about it since then. I remember the crashing silvery waves rumble over sand and stones, interrupted only by looming sea stacks and towering bluffs fringed with sitka forests. What could be a scene from a land before time is real now, part of Olympic National Park and considered the Northwest's purest stretch of coastline. Having gained notoriety as the most gorgeous of the beaches in the US and even hemisphere... because it is.

I cant wait to see it again. then off to Portland for a few days seeing the most talked about Oregon coastline while shooting in it. Then of course what northwest trip would be complete without seeing my good friend/photographer Michael and shooting there? Ah it's all so exciting. I remember why I love the summer now.

This photo is taken by a more talented than he knows photographer, Mike, in Indianapolis just two days ago. My first visit to an Observatory which has been abandoned for many many years.