Saturday, June 27, 2009


Arrived home tonight around 4ish. Took a well needed shower. After the infant wailing for 1.5 hours straight around 4am last night... and maybe 4 hours of sleep cleverly placed in the airport chairs with my packed t shirts as blankets... I kind of needed that.

I woke up at 6 am flight of French Canadians looking at their Iphones and at me. The guy to my right said; "rough night?" I said; "well my idea of a rough night isnt spending 24 hours in Newark Airport." he laughed.

I'm home, and it feels great.

My little man did something quite amazing tonight. I captured it on film and i'll show it this week.

Until then..

Dean, when he has motivation, he can be incredible.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I am currently stuck in the Newark airport due to "weather"....meaning there wasnt a storm until 5 hours after it was delayed so they can blame it on weather to avoid compensating for hotels or the flight. I'm spending the night in the Newark airport - i've never done that before. Nor have I ever had these issues with as much flying as i've done. My flight is at 8 am to DC then home... finally.

Otherwise I had a great time in New York, aside from the monsoon season they seem to be experiencing in late June... I modeled in the rain for 2 hours which was fun. I also modeled with my good friend Melanie who is one of the best art models in my opinion and a wonderful photographer. She is currently 7 months pregnant. We modeled for Constantine - who is just a beautiful person inside and out along with a very talented painter/sketch artist/photographer. I had a wonderful time with both of them. The photos are going to be unbelievable - I just know it.

Thursday my great friend James Graham and I hung out. Enter George Pitts around 6:30 pm telling us the news that Michael Jackson had died. Floored. I couldnt believe it. An American icon, innovator, and musical genius wasnt here anymore.

James shot George shooting me in his apartment. We went out to dinner afterward and they were playing Michael's songs - which was pretty damn great. Walking back to the apartment we saw a bunch of kids with a boombox on the corner dancing to his music. It was epic. George and James are great company during an iconic loss.

So here's to Newark Liberty fucking Airport and my dark little corner I found far away from people. - I always see the positive side to everything - typically.

And RIP Michael - you were a legend.

Photo by Ron Skei in Vancounver, BC about 2 weeks ago. He said I smell like flowers. :P

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aidan Adore

I'm driving to North Carolina tomorrow... I always love this drive. I've not loved a drive as much as I do this one in a long time. I will update this in August when I make my way down the eastern seaboard and Washington/Oregon coast.

It's just theraputic and the perfect drive with enough highways to keep you psychologically and attention satisfied and the gorgeous Appalachians. NPR helps as well.

I had the most amazing weekend with my son. He let me photograph him waking up. I cant tell you what an amazing feeling that is when someone let's you photograph them. I suppose I take it for granted. Sita Mae Edwards once told me; "you let the person in to capture the real you." I didnt really understand what that meant until this morning... With his disability I have no idea how he knows what to do but he does. He said; "OM" today a million times... that means Mom....