Monday, December 20, 2010


My odometer light has gone out in my car. I dont think i'm quite at 200k yet, but very nearly there. After a busy year and especially busy fall, I am very excited to ring in the New Year with new opportunities. Every year I grow as a person and try to live life to the fullest of my ability while having wonderful people right along with me.

I finally finished my last shoot of the year yesterday. I drove home from Indianapolis under a clear sky and blueish appearing snow under a full moon. It just reminded me how lucky we all are to see such a gorgeous site as the vast space backdrop each night. We have evolved from nothing, and we need to treasure our precious lives here. What better time of the year to remind ourselves this?

I know I am... and i'm also lucky this surprise is in my life. I am of the opinion there is no positive emotion felt by humans than unconditional love. He has taught me this;