Thursday, May 21, 2009


My fixer fucked a roll up... which wasnt anything important I was expecting but it was.... If you're a photographer/film shooter you know what that means.

San Fran and a great night;

The best thing in the world;

Two completely different images yet both incredibly happy moments. Fixer fuck up or not... I not only dig these, but I see some great things here. I'll re-fix them next weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art of Words

I'm currently in San Francisco with a friend mine from high school who I make a point to connect with on a regular basis. She's great, taking me around the city and everything else - on the only day off I have here. So far I dig this place. It isnt like the rest of California - which I loathe. It sort of has more character than any of the other cities.

My travel schedule is in full swing. Next week is the only week I am in Ohio then i'm gone for pretty much the rest of the summer with a few weeks here and there back home. I'm definitely excited.

I'm kind of sick of seeing galleries and museums unless they include nude work or some of my favorite photographers/painters. I truly believe the key to modern art is words. The majority of people are ignorant and will believe anything you tell them if you use some great wording/adjectives to describe something they dont understand.

I remember looking at Jackson Pollock's work and thinking; "alright." I watched this social experiment and they placed a splattered painting a 4 year old did beside a Jackson Pollock painting thinking they were both his. The guy doing the documentary asked; "why do you like the one on the left (gesturing to the 4 year old's painting)?" A woman said; "oh it has so much depth and soul. Like a lost hurt soul." He said; "Well that painting was done by a 4 year old. Perhaps she was so hurt because her mother told her she couldnt have cookies until after dinner."

I try to convey a story with my photography and evoke emotion and something to relate to the viewer or to make them understand something. I mean christ, there was a white paper with a black circle on it that went for insane prices because people thought it was; "interesting and moving." .....

I mean we live in the media center of the world. Tell the public something and the majority will believe it to be true. Ah what's the old Hitler quote; "How fortunate for the leaders the masses do not think." - kind of related.


I title this airport aggression.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Momma

I love you for the similar reasons Tupac wrote his song.

I'm packing for San Francisco tomorrow. I havent been there before. I've been all over California and the west coast but never this city. So we'll see.

I've been home all week which is stange for me so i've been doing a lot of networking and contemplating life which is what I do best - Miss Thinker.

Between conversations with one of my best friends Lauren about gangsta rap and dolphins to - philosophy...

Happy Muthaluvin Day:

My son made me a paper plate with his handprint and threw a card at me because he hoped it would make a sound. My little Mr Wonderful:

Friday, May 8, 2009


My first Chuck Palahniuk novel was GUTS - if you have a weak stomach please leave.

I appreciate great writing just as I do photography.

I could have titled this blog "HANDS" but how interesting would that have been?

Self portrait with Arista 400 - 35mm - Rodinal developer - in Canada.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nine Inch Nail

My job is my passion. Whether the conditions to model in are - 17 degrees in a blizzard, above the treeline in 50mph winds, in fresh waterfalls which feel like you are in an icecube, or when you step on a nail and push through two shoots because you dont want to let the artist down and you want to do your job...

and well, this happens;

by George Pitts - who brought racks of clothing up only to find my purist nature intriguing.... while my foot was swollen and infected.

I offered to take the bandage off - he liked it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Thrall of It All

I want to document my life - i feel i've been doing well so far but I want to concentrate on it. My life is quite interesting I think, as it has very many aspects.

On that note I developed 2 rolls today of Arista 400 with Rodinal - perfect combo. I feel they say volumes:

Aidan cannot speak but....this is right after he said; "Melmo" when he stopped working and then shoved him on the ground;

This is when he fell asleep on the floor;

I walked into his room today and almost started crying when I saw everything turned upside down and the way things were positioned/stacked due to his obsessions. I grabbed his blanket and sat down on the bed and just cried.

I decided I should document it.


Monday, May 4, 2009


I had a conversation with a very intelligent and very talented photographer recently who was apparently interested in my answers to his questions.

At the end of our shoot he mentioned something that was interesting to me and makes a lot of sense. He said; "you are a purist." I thought about it and he's right. I hate labels, but this is more true than false.

I could list things from I am a real person, I like real people, emotion, music that combines those, film, i hate clothes, and most of all things at their purest form are beautiful and go on and on. But.... it is true I appreciate original things in all form.

Thanks George, you are right.

Naked is good.

Self portrait - 35 mm.