Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art of Words

I'm currently in San Francisco with a friend mine from high school who I make a point to connect with on a regular basis. She's great, taking me around the city and everything else - on the only day off I have here. So far I dig this place. It isnt like the rest of California - which I loathe. It sort of has more character than any of the other cities.

My travel schedule is in full swing. Next week is the only week I am in Ohio then i'm gone for pretty much the rest of the summer with a few weeks here and there back home. I'm definitely excited.

I'm kind of sick of seeing galleries and museums unless they include nude work or some of my favorite photographers/painters. I truly believe the key to modern art is words. The majority of people are ignorant and will believe anything you tell them if you use some great wording/adjectives to describe something they dont understand.

I remember looking at Jackson Pollock's work and thinking; "alright." I watched this social experiment and they placed a splattered painting a 4 year old did beside a Jackson Pollock painting thinking they were both his. The guy doing the documentary asked; "why do you like the one on the left (gesturing to the 4 year old's painting)?" A woman said; "oh it has so much depth and soul. Like a lost hurt soul." He said; "Well that painting was done by a 4 year old. Perhaps she was so hurt because her mother told her she couldnt have cookies until after dinner."

I try to convey a story with my photography and evoke emotion and something to relate to the viewer or to make them understand something. I mean christ, there was a white paper with a black circle on it that went for insane prices because people thought it was; "interesting and moving." .....

I mean we live in the media center of the world. Tell the public something and the majority will believe it to be true. Ah what's the old Hitler quote; "How fortunate for the leaders the masses do not think." - kind of related.


I title this airport aggression.

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