Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Thrall of It All

I want to document my life - i feel i've been doing well so far but I want to concentrate on it. My life is quite interesting I think, as it has very many aspects.

On that note I developed 2 rolls today of Arista 400 with Rodinal - perfect combo. I feel they say volumes:

Aidan cannot speak but....this is right after he said; "Melmo" when he stopped working and then shoved him on the ground;

This is when he fell asleep on the floor;

I walked into his room today and almost started crying when I saw everything turned upside down and the way things were positioned/stacked due to his obsessions. I grabbed his blanket and sat down on the bed and just cried.

I decided I should document it.



  1. all i can say is that i know you're a strong individual, and i honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. i appreciate you sharing your life with us!

  2. I dont share your philosophy but your words mean a lot.

  3. Document it as you want. It is yours so treat it as the interesting life it is.

    I appreciate your photos and words because you are opening my eyes to a world I would have no other way to learn about. It is a complicated world with passion, art, love, crying, parenthood, challenges, success and failures. It makes me feel connected through these shared parts of humanity.

    Thank you for your brave photos and your willingness for us to see a part of your life and your soul.


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