Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nine Inch Nail

My job is my passion. Whether the conditions to model in are - 17 degrees in a blizzard, above the treeline in 50mph winds, in fresh waterfalls which feel like you are in an icecube, or when you step on a nail and push through two shoots because you dont want to let the artist down and you want to do your job...

and well, this happens;

by George Pitts - who brought racks of clothing up only to find my purist nature intriguing.... while my foot was swollen and infected.

I offered to take the bandage off - he liked it.


  1. i hope your foot heals soon!

  2. My respect for you is unmeasurable. Oh if there were more models who loved it as much with half the passion.

    I hope you feel better and everything is OK soon. Keep it up, your passion shows in your work.

  3. I had drinks with George last night.

    He strikes me as the kind of photographer that would "like it."

    ; )

  4. James, he wanted to photograph me with clothes on, silimar to you.

    I simply said; "I like naked."


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