Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aidan Adore

I'm driving to North Carolina tomorrow... I always love this drive. I've not loved a drive as much as I do this one in a long time. I will update this in August when I make my way down the eastern seaboard and Washington/Oregon coast.

It's just theraputic and the perfect drive with enough highways to keep you psychologically and attention satisfied and the gorgeous Appalachians. NPR helps as well.

I had the most amazing weekend with my son. He let me photograph him waking up. I cant tell you what an amazing feeling that is when someone let's you photograph them. I suppose I take it for granted. Sita Mae Edwards once told me; "you let the person in to capture the real you." I didnt really understand what that meant until this morning... With his disability I have no idea how he knows what to do but he does. He said; "OM" today a million times... that means Mom....


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  1. wow...matty still doesn't let me take pics of him!! and aidan rocked those pics :)


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