Sunday, August 9, 2009

West Coast Adventure

I'm currently in Vancouver, BC. I've been on the west coast for about a week now. I arrived in Seattle last Sunday night then off to the Northwest coast of Washington for Shi Shi Beach for a couple of days. We arrived after some delays around 5:30. After hiking for an hour and finally figuring out where we were supposed to be we sat up camp about 8pm. Camping for 2 days there was amazing... except we never saw the sun, unfortunately but it was still an amazing site to see.

Then off to Portland. 3 shoots later, the Columbia River Gorge, mud, sand, dirt, frigid waterfalls, and people always gawking, along with a Guinness and some wine Portland was a success. I really love Washington and Oregon a lot, i'd venture to say they are my favorite states so far... but alas must move onto Vancouver.

A relaxing day ahead then two shoots then home to my little guy on Thursday. Ah how I miss him and his kisses.

This trip, aside from the lack of sun, has been amazing. I got to see and show the best parts of these two states and of course do what I love to do, model and photograph.

Oh and thanks Nicole for the thermos of wine at the airport. You're alright.

This is an image taken by a shitty POS in a cave overlooking tiny tidepools and a couple examples of the wonderful Point of the Arches;

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