Friday, November 28, 2008


There's nothing like sleeping in until 10am after slaving over a stove with my sisters and my mother to feed - ourselves. Everything turned out perfectly. Cooking together is something we seem to do every year on a day in November and December. It's truly the only time we're ever all in the same room - and that's pretty great.

Then of course it's also great when one of your best friends calls you up at 11:30pm saying; "hey wanna watch The Machinist?" Cool. Nothing like a psychocolgical thriller to finish off Thanksgiving!

He had wine and cheesecake too.

I'm staying in today from the wrath of crazy people on this ridiculous Bank Holiday. I'll finish it off with hugs and kisses from my little guy.

Excerpt from yesterday from my 6 year old neice while we're eating pie together in the kitchen:

Her: Sarah, sometimes I hear jesus talking to me in my head and he wont shut up!
Me: Well what is he saying?
Her: he told me to vote for Barack Obama.

This is her shot on my TLR and how I feel about this day:


  1. I LOVE that quote from your niece. A month ago my 8 year old cousin said something similar about how, "I love God, Barack Obama, my mommy and my dad."

    And I remember being brainwashed the same way in 1992 over Clinton. I got into arguments at school with both students and teacher and had absolutely no clue....

  2. Who knew that "Jesus" was a Democrat?

    Those other guys had it all wrong the whole fucking time!!!

    ; )


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