Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Special Olympics"

For some reason our media is trying to blow up what President Obama said on a late night entertainment talk show recently.

I'm not sure people from the Special Olympics are that outraged but let me say I am in no way offended. As a mother of a special needs son I did not find it offensive at all. People that do, really need to check their emotions and why they are upset.

It's almost like being upset at someone who says something is; "retarded." Typically they are just trying to find something to pick a fight over, have anger issues, or are incredibly sensitive/defensive.

Focus on positive things, not a minor comment made that was in no way trying to be insensitive or making fun of.

The 35-year-old McConiughey has been bowling since he was 8 or 9. His advice for Obama? Practice every day.

Now THIS is how people should have reacted. This is coming from someone with special needs.

Get a grip people.


  1. I have to say I'm disappointed that he said it. We can't all know the proper terminologies, but in 2009, it does seem a bit oblivious at best.

    We ("the left") have it coming. We poked fun at the bobblehead for eight years. This guy should be better on his game. If not, the consequences in 2012 are going to be sharp. He's too relaxed for it being this early. I hope we all don't have to pay the price for his [seemingly] lack of concentration.

  2. I think you are severely missing the point. I am not "the left" or "the right" I am a mother of a child of special needs and a real person. What he said was nothing but passing conversation and nothing to make fun/derogatory of the special needs community. It is all in context. The point of this post was to check the source of where the anger from this outrage is from...

    To make this political is just... silly.

  3. People just need to get down like syndrome, yo. I didn't even watch the damn show...figured it was sort of like voting.

  4. What a darling little boy! He's very lucky to have a mom like you.


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