Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Having a conversation with one of my best friends today, and she mentioned volunteering for one additional reason other than the obvious two.

1. I am a nice person and I love helping people when I can. It makes them feel good as well as myself because of that reason.

2. I gain valuable experience such as; food prep (soup kitchen), resources from knowledgeable people and situations in a direction I want to take my life.

3. It looks good on a resume

The point is experience and doing something good. So I have volunteered for 4 places. 1. Meal prep at a homeless shelter
2. Library assistance to young children
3. Gardening to a local conservatory
4. Offering any time I have to help with the angels of autism network.

This makes me happy and excited.

Who knows where this path will lead but only good things I suspect.

Aidan and I at the park yesterday.

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