Friday, December 5, 2008

Love Sarah

is what I autographed on quite a few copies of Renee Jacobs' calendar PROVOCATEUR last night in Atlanta. I had no idea what to write. I've signed a few prints for people but nothing like this. I was initially there to support my girl Renee but she got into gushing about me (making me blush) as well as revisiting our crazy story to get the shot in that calendar. She's a great speaker and a wonderful photographer. She deserves all the success she gets. We had lots of wine after... LOTS.

ATL was alright. Jay Bowman was a wonderful host and a complete gentleman. I cant wait to see the whole 3 frames we shot. I left the airport today in Georgia, it was 60 something degrees. Landed in Columbus to 19 degrees. Fuck.

The great news is my Europe trip is coming together very very well. For January, i'm impressed. Looks like Dublin for 4 days, Germany for 3 and Scotland for 3. I'm excited.

Tonight i'm going to play with my little guy and try to stay in from this arctic air while it snows.

Kinda wishing I was California, except in this image there was 50 mph winds, hail, and it was about 40 degrees:

Image by the talented and dear friend of mine Renee Jacobs.

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