Saturday, April 25, 2009

Come As You Are

The first record that meant anything to me was when I was 11 years old hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time. Soundgarden, STP, and everything else made sense then. You heard that song and thought; "yeah this is it..".

Keep in mind the first actual record I heard and remember quite vividly was (remembering my parents had a lot of records)... was Gimme Shelter on Let It Bleed from the Rolling Stones. When I was younger I pulled out the record with a song I knew and genuinely liked as a 6 year old and played it over and over again with Bob Seger and Fleetwood Mac. It was music to my ears so to speak.

I remember about 15 years ago introducing my dad to Nirvana. He liked Come As You Are because there was no "bullshit".

Indeed Dad.

I took this of him a year ago and i'm proud of it as this is how he is. He is used to his daughter with a camera - so no need to pose.


  1. You didnt just spam a blog post about my dad with a fucking porn site.....


  2. Sorry I did not mean to offend.

    I was simply trying to get the word out on Blogger's flawed warning interstitial and chose the first post to comment on, since I was unable to locate your contact information.

    The post I linked to contained more detailed information about the issue, and yes the site (not the post) does contain some porn/erotic images.

    The content warning affects sites like this one, which post nude pics. I thought the issue would interest you. Would you like Blogger to force an unruly warning on your blog?

    Please consider voting Yes to reform the content warning here.

    Again, I sincerely apologies for any offense.

  3. Please stop spamming my blog. This blog is meant for my thoughts and people who are interested and/or those people to comment or relate to them.

    Not for anything else other than that.


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