Friday, April 17, 2009

"A Different Life"

I dont have much to say tonight.... all is good now. I mean after all the worst is the fact I could be captured by a Somali pirate....

I was listening to NPR on my drive back and remembered a program I heard a few days before. A young man around his mid 20's struggling with Velo-Cardio-Facial syndrome. It's the second most common genetic disorder. It affects thousands of Americans, many of them have no idea it is cause of their learning disabilities. This young man knew a child with Fragile X Syndrome and mentioned how similar some of the symptoms are. I almost called into the show to ask how his parents tell him they dealt with it, but I didnt. His book is the title of my blog, which I intend to read.

He said something that struck me which was how his doctors told him he's never be able to do math... in high school he excelled in Algebra. His thought on this? You can do Anything you put your mind to.

Indeed. There is the program.

The first image is his version of bowling.

The second is him burping his baby after feeding 'him' a cheeseburger - this imaginary play is very crucial....

If only we could all be this happy.

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