Friday, July 10, 2009

Aidan's Take on Iran and Outsmarting Mommy

I came home from New York a couple of weeks back and Aidan picked up my Time magazine I had in my purse. He opened it up to a page with Mousavi addressing the crowds of protesters. He kept pointing at him;

and then this;

and something monumental... this is when it started raining last weekend. I said; "no Aidan you cant go outside, it's raining." He went into his room and came out with an umbrella and pointed at the door. As if to say; "but I have an umbrella, now I can!" I couldnt believe it. He typically just spins the umbrella ... I had no idea he knew what it was for. So I let him, because he outsmarted me;

They're baby steps but man if they arent loud and heavy.


  1. He is an amazing young man and your love of him is beautiful to my heart. I needed this post today. Thanks.

  2. These are some of my favourite photos you've done of him. Wonderful, and I love the little stories behind these too.


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