Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Little Prince

In the grocery store a few days ago, with Aidan. As we were checking out he kept smiling at the cashier as she was asking his name and how old he was. He just kept pointing and making noises. I said; "his name is Aidan and he is 4." After a few compliments we were ready to go and she asked; "if you dont mind my asking, what is his disability?" I answered her and then started reflecting on the fact she noticed he had a disability. This was the first time I was faced with that, and it was hard. Very very hard...

Then Aidan smiled and kissed me and I was happy she was curious and concerned.

I had a friend tell me one of the greatest things last night, it will stick with me forever. "most of the time, I don't want kids, but when I see your pictures of aidan, I want a child so I can love them as much as you love your son."

here he is chewing his blanket. My little Mr Wonderful.


  1. That is rough to have someone else see it. I posted a pic of my little fx'er when he was about 18 months old. It is still so hidden at that age. He is now 13 and it is blatantly obvious. It is these little moments that help us deal with it and keep us going even though they sting our soul so bad.

    But their smiles are so addicting that you can't help but squeeze them. They are just the most lovable kiddos ever :)

  2. such a precious little man. you capture the essence of his spirit and its beautiful. thanks for sharing


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