Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday on the train ride from Portland to Seattle I met this woman who reminded me of myself when I reach her age. She was 73 but didnt look a day over 50. I was amazed. Showed me her license and everything - born in 1937. It was sort of uncanny how much we had in common. She was a psychologist for years, loves art and Europe and grew up in Ohio. She travels all over and said she wouldnt get married and had broken off 4 engagements. She said; "i'm too independent and I dont think I could ever live with anyone. Dont get me wrong sex is great and I always have a male friend for that but i'm not interested in anything else." More power to her. I have a feeling i'll be the same.

I had the most enlightening conversation recently. Mainly about art but mostly about life. Why does everyone have to do things that everyone else does? Why do we have to do certain things to achieve a certain status of something as if that's what we wanted in the first place? Perhaps i'm just thinking out loud as if we've evolved past this pack mentality we have that in order to figure yourself out you need to do what society tells you to.... I generally find unhappy people do this.

I like my friends, that 73 year old lady and wine.

candid image from a shoot in Portland. We'll call this; "October".

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