Saturday, October 31, 2009

Intelligent Choice

An issue of the MENSA bulletin found its way to my coffee table recently and there was an article that I was told I should read.

The article was on Intelligent Choice, meaning in the year 2019 there is a real possibility there could be a choice to have a baby "the old fashioned way" or you can elect to ensure your child is not retarded or if you wish has a Mensa-level or even higher intelligence defined beyond IQ - for example social intelligence or creativity.

The article's author has a position that intelligent choice should be allowed, and funded by both private and public sectors yet carefully regulated by government.

I obviously am personally effected by this. I am withholding a firm opinion until it comes to that choice, if it does. I do have many ideas and theories however...

Speaking of Aidan, I finally scanned all of the negatives i've had sorted for 3 or 4 months now. I have to edit 20 of them and send to publishers.

Wish me luck.

Sometimes there are gems you forget you took....


2007 self portrait, I got lucky;


  1. I dunno. Designer children, I admit its a crude term but I think it fits, I think is something that REALLY needs to have tight oversight, if that prospect ever arises. Unfortunately, man has a habit of needing to screw up really bad before thinks ahead.

    This kind of science is VERY MUCH a double-edged sword. We can nip insidious diseases, tay sachs comes to mind before they happen. But it also means we could engineer children w/ greater staminia or more inteligent or aggression.

    Would this not have the same cultural mindset that Major League Baseball is still having to deal w/ in regards to performance enhancers? The more its useage becomes accepted, does it not psychologically put pressure on the clean players to use if for nothing else than to keep up.

    Would these pre-born choices not be the equivalvent to a biological arms race?

    Its one thing to be aware the variables of what your child may have & thus use it to prep yourself for what's in store. But its completely another to fundamentally alter those variables to a person's choice.

  2. I think it is our weaknesses that make us great and how we live and thrive with them. I am tall, so what. The fact that I have asthma and have worked around it and adapted it to my life is what I am proud of, not that I can reach things on the top shelf.

    I worry that if we "design" our children to be "perfect" then two things will happen. We will become lazy and not help them grow into fine humans. We may also create humans that would have no use for us "imperfect" humans since we are only a "drain" on their society.

    Your photo of Aidan in the black shirt took me by surprise. He looks so grown up into a man. It is a beautiful photo that is a good contrast to the handsome boy playing and enjoying being his Mom's love.


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