Sunday, November 15, 2009

Space Intentionally Left Blank

Being woken up at 4am by a little blonde guy who took too long of a nap earlier in the day wasnt pleasant. He finally went back to sleep around 7 in my bed. Slept until 10. I was woken up by a text that made me smile.

Grabbed my camera and shot Aidan sleeping and waking up. I dont think i'll ever see anything more beautiful in my life. I cried.

Ordered Rodinal today. Develop next weekend. Shooting the last 9 frames Tuesday morning of a new development in my life that makes me happy... I cant wait.

I'm off to North Carolina next week... it just wont be the same without the old motivation to drive down there anymore.

Come on and raise up doesnt have the same ring to it anymore....

The real Lauren - image by me 35mm

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