Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beauty of Decay

I'm currently sitting on my couch post snuggling with my little guy while watching his 'girlfriend' Rachael Ray on a very cold snowy Columbus Saturday. I plan on shooting a roll of him today.. it's been far too long.

My upcoming travel plans include much warmer places than Ohio.. North Carolina, Tampa, and Santa Fe/Albuquerque. New Mexico is one of the only 7 states I havent been to, so I am thrilled.

Until then i'm headed up to Detroit to shoot in some of the beautiful abandoned structures there. I rarely do self portraits outside of my own bedroom or hotel room so this will be a new challenge for me. Not only do I find beauty in these spaces, but it's also a little saddening to see a fine American city in decay almost directly due to the auto industry. However, there is a a few good art communities around that area that find beauty there, so who knows what the next 10-20 years have in store for Detwah.

This image is 5 1/2 years old. I was 8 months pregnant modeling in an abandoned mental hospital in Pittsburgh. It's also a very special moment as Aidan was kicking me....

Ethan Long 2005


  1. a very beautiful photo, my best wishes for this year

  2. I see why you love it!

  3. This is just beautiful, Sarah! Would love to see more photos taken while you were pregnant :)


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