Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happiness is Contagious

There have been some personal changes in my life, that while feel very right and freeing, have a bit of melancholy sprinkled in there as well. Such is life right? Changes are a good thing, but it doesnt mean they come easy. I suppose if life were easy we'd all be quite bored to death.

In my 30 years on this earth I have met some amazing, trying, and interesting people for good and for worse. Beating ones self up over a decision out of love isnt a good thing to do. Most of us feel, love, and learn and that last word is really the key in evolving. Sometimes they are great decisions and sometimes they arent. The point is to learn what works for you and makes you happy.

Tomorrow is a very important day. Aidan's father and I go to his psychological evaluation results to determine how much progress he has made and where he fits in amongst others. Whatever the outcome is, we know we've done and continue to do everything we can to help him grow and learn and we are proud of who he has become and the amazing progress he has made in the past year. I have to remember to be positive while being realistic as well. It's a difficult balance but when I see Aidan's smile and hear him say new words all the time including "gremolata" from Rachael Ray. I just smile and feel that amazing feeling that is, unconditional love.

I looked up one afternoon and noticed he decided to put a bowl on his head because he thought it was funny. Laughter is contagious... so is happiness.

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  1. lol, oh how true this is...

    I remember things my son has done in his early years. that images like this remind me of.

    May your life be filled with laughter....



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