Friday, January 23, 2009


I arrived home about 7 pm incredibly jet lagged after traveling for 14 hours... I'm excited to take a bath and pick up little man until I get home....

I walk in the door to hear a giant fan and the smell of something similar to wet towels in a hamper for weeks. I see my carpet has been ripped up and my dry wall around my furnace is missing. I get my phone activated (after being stolen in Europe) only to find out my furnace exploded with water (because my apartment complex has the furnace linked to the hot water heater... fuck.) Apparently this happened Saturday (i've been gone since the 13th) and they vaccumed two inches of water out of my carpet. This is all due to me shutting my heat off before I left to conserve thinking it would be normal 40 degree temps. No it was -17. So I phone Shaun to let him know it's logical for me to get Aidan tomorrow morning while I get this sorted out tonight... exposed nails and huge fans are not the best thing for him. I miss my little guy but logic is good here.

So after airing it out for an hour and lighting scented candles/oil. It smells almost normal now and basically my carpet was cleaned. The only problem is, my furnace wont shut off which is getting heat from the hot water heater. So I have no hot water and no heat. Wonderful. Glad it's warmer here than in Scotland.

The maintenance people are being really condecending and rude so i'm trying not to think about this.

Drinking Chilean Shiraz and remembering the last 10 days of bliss. Like this moss;


Hey Pig.

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