Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Yes, I'm American"

I have said that a few times, it seems people are very interested in what I have to say. I think they are wondering if I fit the stereotype they have in their head. A loud, obnoxious, Bush loving, huge appetite, that can only speak slang english.

Nah, the Irish are very nice people. They are very welcoming and generous. Just dont talk about football, rugby around them. I have always found soccer incredibly boring. I did watch a Rugby match last night that was pretty interesting. It's basically American football but much faster paced- similar to soccer. I enjoyed it actually. They just wouldnt stand a chance against an American linebacker. ; )

I'm having fish pie and "spuds" for dinner tonight. God their potatoes are fucking unbelievable. After experiencing an authentic Irish pub yesterday and talking about how the Irish love Florida for vacations.. I can use a Guinness.

Off to Scotland Monday.. the far northwest. I hear it is some of the most amazing landscape in the world. I'm thrilled.


  1. You're making me want to get my passport!

    Next time you're in an Irish pub (in Ireland) ask them for some Poitín (pronounced more like "potcheen"). It's something you're generally not going to find back home. It's basically Irish moonshine, legal now, but over 90% ABV so go easy!

    And if there is a band playing, you've got to get them to play "The Hills of Connemara" while you imbibe the original Mountain Dew.

    Gather up the pots and the old tin cans
    The mash, the corn, the barley and the bran.
    Run like the devil from the excise man
    Keep the smoke from rising, Barney.

    Keep your eyes well peeled today
    The excise men are on their way
    Searching for the mountain tay
    In the hills of Connemara.

    Swinging to the left, swinging to the right
    The excise men will dance all night
    Drinkin' up the tay till the broad daylight
    In the hills of Connemara.

    A gallon for the butcher and a quart for John
    And a bottle for poor old Father Tom
    Just to help the poor old dear along
    In the hills of Connemara.

    Stand your ground, for it's too late
    The excise men are at the gate.
    Glory be to Paddy, but they're drinkin' it straight
    In the hills of Connemara.


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