Thursday, January 15, 2009

Irish Gangsta's Paradise

Listening to "Gangsta's Paradise" (while Des - the photographer - wasnt noticing what was on the radio) then looking out of the (what we call drivers side) passenger's side of the Saab noticing the sheep, stone walls, and acres of green with picturesque mountains in the background. .. and laughing at what couldnt be more opposite of what Coolio was speaking of...

I posed in 35 degree (F) damp cold with 40+ mph winds above the treeline... god it was beautiful.

I have had one thing go awful for me, and that was unfortunate - my cell phone was stolen at the airport while I was sleeping my jet lag off and one hour of sleep on the 6 hour plane ride. I actually needed a new phone so this is a great way of getting one.. I just wont be able to until the last week of January. I'll post a blog asking everyone to text me their phone numbers that I have.

This is a great country. The people are incredibly friendly and the landscape is just phenomenal. This is only my second day in...

I'll post images as soon as I can. I'm a busy girl with no WIFI. Dont worry, I have stories... god do I have stories.

It's 9pm here and I am very tired.

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