Friday, January 30, 2009

You Think When Jesus Comes Back....

I hardly watch television but I had it on tonight for some strange reason. I saw David Letterman and some sort of tribute to Bill Hicks. Being a huge fan of Bill I just looked sideways at the television as if ; "did he really just do that?"

And yet 15 years later Dave is airing something that he decided wasnt appropriate for television. While i'm all for human evolution it seems as though he wants everyone to believe he did it because he feels bad Bill died less than a year later after this episode was banned and he thought his comedy was noteworthy......

I however do not believe that. I'd like to, but I dont.

Same bit used that night. That was banned. The Jackie Kennedy and the rifle pendant is the ultimate reason it was banned.

Which is here:


He's apparently stupid for doing so.

That's great.

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